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1. When do I get my travel documents?

Spacious 1 week in advance. We get the booked tickets about 10 days before departure at us inside, then we will send it to you by.

2. I get a confirmation when I paid my deposit and / or final payment?

No, we will send you a confirmation that we have received your money. Would you like 100 % be sure that the money received by us, please contact us and we look after it for you.

3. Can I give a preference?

You can always give preference to us. However, it remains a preference and we can not guarantee that you will get your preference. For a preference, you do not pay.

4. What is essence?

An essence is a preference where must be fulfilled per sé. However, an essence, it is in many cases not possible, where a preference is possible. If you want an essence, you pay € 30.

5. Can I request a feature?

Yes, that is possible. We can provide accommodation (and sometimes any flight) hold a few days before you option for most destinations. We will be happy to hear within three days whether to book final. If you do not want to book, you can cancel the option without charge.

6. What is the difference between a charter flight and a scheduled flight?

Scheduled flights have a fixed schedule. Charter flights, are planes that are rented by tour operators as a whole. The scheduled flights of Transavia we book directly via the Internet. There is here no compensation for Transavia and therefore require € 20 pp above the internet price. The flight has different cancellation- in wijigingskosten. In a charter flight have bought several tour operators chairs and sell them. These are often in the high season and have no fixed flight schedule. Flight charters with us about 10 days in advance known, if we receive the tickets.

7. Do I need a passport or identity card necessary for Croatia?

You can have both with an ID like a passport to Croatia.

8. Can I pay with euros in Croatia?

Croatian currency is the Kuna, but it is often possible to pay with euros. We This is not recommended because of the very variable rate.

9. Hebben jullie ook een winterbrochure?

No, our brochure is valid all year. On this website we put winter prices once they are out.

10. When should I pay?

The deposit 15 % of the total cost of air travel for the accommodation and the flights must be paid immediately at all. We also need to print directly to the flight and pay. Own transport to travel this 20 % with a minimum amount of € 100. The deposit must be paid within 10 days to be paid, the date of the final payment is on the note. If you have a cancellation insurance then it must equal the deposit to be paid. The correct amount is on your note.

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