Creuse Nature Youth Trip 2023

Destination: France
Trip duration: 9 days

Creuse Nature is located in the Limousin region. The Limousin is a region in the heart of France, about 730 km from Maastricht.




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Creuse Nature is located in the Limousin, about 730 km from Maastricht.

This year the trip will once again go to France, this time to the Creuse Nature naturist campsite in the Limousin. You will stay there for 9 days (8 nights) with a group of up to 30 young people. Full = full!

Departure from the Netherlands by bus is on Aug. 18 to departure on Aug. 26, arrival in the Netherlands is in the evening. The early bird price is € 390 and the price from June 1, 2023 is € 410.

Bring your own: your own tent, air mattress, sleeping bag and camping chair!


For the Internature Youth Vacation sponsored by NFN Open & Bloot, you should bring your own tent, air mattress, sleeping bag and camping chair. The bus is big enough, so it can all come along. Your own plate, cutlery and mug is also handy to bring.



Facilities & Relaxation

Facilities of Creuse Nature:
– Baker comes in high season
– Restaurant (daily menu)
– Bar
– Recreation room
– Two golf courses nearby for a fee
– Laundry room
– WIFI at bar
– Library

Relaxation at Creuse Nature:
– Children’s playground
– Heated indoor pool
– Outdoor pool with children’s pool
– Volleyball.
– Boules court
– Fish
– Cycling
– Occasional show or music nights
– Aquagym
– Archery
– Entertainment for young and old during school vacations

The bus will depart from Maastricht on the night of Aug. 18-19. There is plenty of room to sleep on the bus so you can wake up the next morning, Saturday, Aug. 19, rested at Creuse Nature. On Aug. 26, the bus will leave in the morning, arriving back in Maastricht in the evening. He leaves and arrives at the train station in Maastricht. There is the possibility of arriving both by train and by car (to be dropped off) this way. The bus trip is included in the trip; you do not get a discount if you go by your own car.

Creuse Nature is about 805 km from Utrecht.
A car (or rental car) is a good way to travel around France and useful if you want to visit slightly remote places. The roads in France are of good quality. On the highways it is regularly indicated where the nearest petrol stations / restaurant, picnic areas are. Please note that you have to pay toll on the French motorways. You can pay by credit card or cash at the toll gates.

Furthermore, you must be in possession of International Insurance Certificates or the green card if you are going with your own car. In France it is mandatory to have an alcohol tester in the car.

A Dutch driving license is sufficient, so an international driving license is not necessary.

The official language in France is French. Each region speaks its own dialect. In the tourist area you can go as a tourist with English.

Currency :
Just like in the Netherlands, people in France pay with the Euro. You can go to most banks with credit cards and Traveler’s checks. With a Dutch bank or giro debit card which has a maestro or cirrus sign, you can go to the ATMs. American Express, Diners Club, Via, Master and Eurocard passes are accepted in almost all restaurants, shops and petrol stations.

Limousin is a region on the west side of the Massif Central in France. Limousin and the capital Limoges have a mild climate. The sun already starts to shine in spring, the summers are wonderfully warm. Because Limoges is located on the Massif Central, it can sometimes be rainy for days. However, the average rainfall per month never exceeds 100 mm.

Climate table Limousin
Apr. May jun jul aug sep Oct.
Average temperature 15 18 22 25 24 21 17
Average number of hours of sunshine per day 6 6 8 9 8 7 5
Average number of days of rainfall 15 15 12 10 10 12 12

The Internatuur youth vacation sponsored by NFN Open & Bloot from August 18-26 including bus travel costs €410 per person including bus travel on a half-board basis (breakfast and dinner). If you book by May 31, there is an early bird discount and you pay € 390 per person.

You do need to bring your own tent and airbed/sleeping bag and plate/cup/cutlery.

What is included in the price?

  • Introductory drinks beforehand in the Netherlands with the whole group
  • Two activities are included in the trip. Other activities are your own choice.
  • A place to set up your brought tent
  • Breakfast and dinner
  • An evening of celebration in France
  • A reunion in October
  • A bar where you can buy water, soft drinks and beer and wine, among other things, at a great price!

Internatuur is affiliated with ANVR, SGR & Calamity Fund. Contributions for this are included in the price.

Are you between the ages of 18 and 27 and do you have a valid NFN annual card, and would you like to join us?



Please email with the following information:
– Your first and last name according to passport
– Your date of birth
– Your address
– Your cell phone number

Camping site

Creuse has rental caravans and accommodations and camping sites. The young people all stand together in their own place near the large communal tent.

Do you have questions? We are ready for you!

  • Hoe wij omgaan met uw persoonsgegevens kunt u lezen in ons Privacy beleid.

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