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Destination: Spain
Duration (from): 7 days

In the middle of the mountains, about 10 km from the historic city of Cartagena, is the naturist center El Portus. This naturist ground is 100 hectare. large and located on an idyllic cove on the sea, partly on a mountain.


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In the middle of the mountains, about 10 km from the historic city of Cartagena, is the naturist center El Portus. This naturist ground is 100 hectare. large and located on an idyllic cove on the sea, partly on a mountain.

The camping area is pretty flat, but the most houses are located on the hill. At the beach of El Portus is no vegetation. We advise you to bring a parasol. Dogs are accepted, when you have a valid vaccination certificate and passport. At the beach and the swimming pools are dogs not premitted. Internatuur has a representative at El Portus, Bettie of Groenekan. He will answer your questions. He can also tell you where markets, and good restaurants are or make an appointment at the doctor or dentist.

Journalist John de Graaff has recently been in El Portus has a piece written in Pure Naturism. Door here button you can read the article.

At El Portus we know 4 types of accommodations: Mobile Home Type A, type B, type B Superieur and Hacienda Montalvo. Linen is included. You need to bring your own beachtowels.
It is also possible to reserve a camping place by Internatuur. You will receive 5 % off your total stay and pay at El Portus.

Mobilhome type A / approximately 20m2 / 1-2 people
Very simple mobile home, which is down at the camping consists of a living room with kitchenette, incl. fridge, separate bedroom with double bed, bathroom with shower and toilet, raised terrace with easy seat.

Mobilhome type B / about 26 m2 / 2-4 people
This is similar to Type A, but with an extra bedroom 2 single beds or a bunk bed and is situated often on the mountain and has a often a piece of garden.

Mobilhome type B superior / about 30 – 60 m2 / 2-6 people
These mobile homes from private owners are better equipped. They stand on the mountain and some have a 3rd bedroom. Many of these mobile homes have a veranda and satellite TV.

Casa Internatuur seaview / about 58 m2 / 2-4 people
Internatuur has its own mobile home -Casa Internatuur 2 – With stunning view over the Mediterranean Sea, which is equipped with the usual inventory, as well as a hipbath, sat.TV + DVD player, radio/cassette/cd-recorder, oven and coffee maker. Conservatory with sofas and dining area and gas. Extras: two chairs, outdoor kitchen, outdoor shower and bbq.

Casa Vista next to Casa Internatuur / about 62 m2 / 2-4 people
Casa Vista has the same facilities as Casa Internatuur. Extra is the air conditioning in the master bedroom (with double bed), In addition, it still has 2 small bedrooms with a single bed, bathroom with shower, toilet, kitchen, large conservatory with sitting area, TV, stereo, DVD player and books, large terrace, outside is a washing machine with crane, garden furniture with cushions and parking.

Hacienda Montalvo / about 30 m2 / 1-2 people
These are 15 apartments in a building of 3 floors. Two of the 15 apartments are for wheelchair users. At the middle level is a covered parking area. It offers spacious apartments which are decorated with care. Each apartment has a standard television, seating, (Open) kitchen with large fridge / freezer, electric cooker, coffee machine, kettle and microwave, a bathroom with bath and toilet (except apartments adapted for wheelchair users, these have a shower). The double bedroom has an open connection with the living room, so you can feel the air conditioning everywhere. Air conditioning is standard. There is a spacious balcony with beautiful views of the site and the bay.

– Restaurant
– Beachbar
– Shop
– Activity programme in the high season
– Telephone
– WIFI (€ 3,- per day, € 12,- per week and € 30,- per month)

– Outdoor pool (closed in winter)
– Indoor swimming pool (heated in winter)
– Sauna with massage and spa-pool
– Several. sports facilities among other things. jeu de boules, tennis (tennis season € 3,50, on- and spring € 4,75 and in high season € 6,-)
– Organized walks in pre- and lateseason (some naked)

Special offer NATUNION:

Natunionklanten following packages can only be booked in advance:
– 2-day Anti-stress arrangement, € 75,- Natunionprijs: € 60,-.
1e day
– Hydrotherapy with smell
2e day
– Extensive relaxation massage (55 min.)
– Use of sauna and fitness room for 75 minutes, including use jacuzzi
– 3-day Superrelax-arrangement, € 150,-, Natunionprijs: € 110,-
1e day
– Hydrotherapy with smell
– Head- and neckmassage
2e day
– Algae pack including peeling and massage
3e day
– Use of sauna and fitness room for 75 minutes, including use jacuzzi
– Relaxation massage with chocolate
All this takes place in “Gym and Spa El Portus wellness center”, which is situated in the Hacienda.

By car:
When you drive through Barcelona is El Portus 2130 km from Utrecht.

To arrive in El Portus, you have to drive through France. The roads in France are of good quality. On the highways is described where the nearest gas station / restaurant, picnic areas are. Please note that you need to pay toll on French highways. The toll can be paid by cash or credit card.

Furthermore, you must be owned by International Insurance certificates known as the green card if you go by car. In France, it is obligatory to have an alcohol tester in the car.

A valid driver’s license, is necessary.

With the Plane:
It is about 2 hour and 40 minutes to fly to Alicante. We can book your flights. We mediate for Transavia, KLM, Iberia, Ryanair of Vueling.

We advise you to hire a car, If you want to see something of the area. We mediate for Sunny Cars.

Information about the flight days and the rental car can be asked by us.

If you wish transfer, we can arrange that for you. Alicante-El Portus circa € 290,- return per taxi. Transfer Murcia-El Portus circa € 120,- return per taxi.

Arrival- /departure: You can arrive and depart every day.

Request a quote for the entire package.

The summers are warm, the winters are mild and most of the time dry, that means that a lot of people spend the winter here. El Portus is built on a hill so that some houses have a beautiful view over the Mediterranean Sea.

Of course fish and seafood / shellfish are often on the menu here. Tasty fish, also on the grill, are among other things. dorada and sardines. A special coffee, only available in this region, is “Asiatico”, a delicious coffee with sweetened condensed milk, brandy and liqueur.

Spanish is the official language, but the local people speak also Catalan. Sometimes speaks people (a little) English.

Spain is a member of the European Union. The official currency is the Euro. With almost every card is it possible to withdraw money and most credit cards are also accepted.

The Costa Calida is known for its dry, mild winters and is therefore very popular in winter. Summers here can be pretty hot about 40 ° C, but there is almost always a cool breeze

Mobilhome A

MH with 1 bedroom. Surface about 20 m².

Mobilhome B

MH with 2 Bedrooms. Surface about 33-36 m².

Casa Internatuur

MH with 2 Bedrooms. Surface about 58 m².

Casa Vista

MH with 3 Bedrooms. Surface about 58 m².

Haciënda Montalvo

Suitable for 1-2 people. Surface about 30 m²


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