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are many holiday destinations are required to have a visa. A visa application can easily online, in a few steps. Please make sure to getting started with your application, preferably a few weeks before departure. Some people find it difficult for them to apply for a visa. Visa Abroad has all the knowledge of the visa application and assist you.

Step 1: Check whether you need a visa

When you book your trip through Inter Nature? Then you only need a visa for destinations Turkey and America. In all other countries can travel without a visa.

Step 2: Check what type of visa you need

If you are traveling to America, you must in most cases ESTA applications. ESTA is not a visa, but there seems to. It can be used if a Dutch or Belgian passport and less than 90 To stay days in America. Want more than 90 day stay in the country? You must apply for a visa.

If you are traveling to Turkey (Blue Cruise) you can use the e-Visa Turkey. However, you may limit 90 consecutive days stay in Turkey, but this is amply sufficient for most tourists. Again, you need a passport issued by Netherlands or Belgium, though it is also permitted to use an ID card.

Step 3: Online applications

ESTA Visa USA and Turkey are easy to apply online through VisumBuitenland.nl. First you fill the online application form. Then you meet the payment (iDeal, PayPal of Creditcard). Finally you receive the ESTA visa or by e-mail. If you have questions when applying? On the website you will find many VisumBuitenland.nl clear explanation in Dutch. Also, visa support center 24 hour for questions about visas.

Step 4: Print and during travel

After you receive your travel authorization, you must print it and travel with. Every traveler should keep its own visa printed in the passport or ID card (for Turkey). Enjoy your trip!

Do you have any questions? We are here to help!

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