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“I was born that way, stayed that way”, I always say when people ask me if I am a naturist myself. I have been actively involved in Internatuur since 1996 and have been traveling with me since 1987, when my mother founded Internatuur. All the locations we offer have something unique and I like to go everywhere. I have several favorites, but the product that surprised me the most in a positive way is our cruises! What a wonderful feeling of freedom you have when you are on the water.

Also the single trips, the round trips in New Zealand and South Africa are my specialty. On the other hand, I also really enjoy a camping holiday. We offer so much that we have something for everyone.

If you would like a personal conversation, you can always visit us by appointment, we will gladly make the time for you.


A few years later, after my studies in aviation services and my internship at KLM at Schiphol, I ran into my old internship supervisor, Christy-Anne. I now enjoy working at Internatuur. I have a very nice and diverse job where I can help our customers find the perfect holiday. Holidays are often one of the best times of the year and that is why I really enjoy advising our customers in this regard. Compiling a holiday is always a fun challenge!

My favorite holiday destination is the Canary Islands. Each island has something unique. I would be happy to help you find the right destination on one of these islands.

Sustainable tourism, Mission Statement of Inter Nature

The tourism sector is highly dependent on people and the environment. The attractiveness of the living environment is an important part of the tourism product. More attention has been paid to the care of the environment, the animals and the people of the country concerned. As an organization, Internatuur tries to help with this and to inform our customers about this.

Internatuur’s mission is as follows: Internatuur is a travel organization that sells trips that support the local population economically. In addition, Internatuur advises its customers on how they can spend their holidays in a sustainable way. All this to ensure the preservation of our locations.


Travelife Partner

Sustainability Policy Statement

Since September 8, 2020 Internatuur is an official Travelife partner!

The tourism and recreation sector is highly dependent on people and the environment. The attractiveness of the living environment is an important part of the tourism product. In recent years, more and more attention has been paid to the care of the environment as part of corporate responsibility, both from the industry and from the customer. As a naturist tour operator, Internatuur also pays attention to sustainability for several years with regard to, for example, environmental matters in communication with the customer and with the destinations.

Internatuur wants to continue this in the coming years and thus make a better contribution to the environment and the sustainability of its travels.

This policy statement indicates which objectives we are pursuing. These objectives form the basis for Internatuur’s sustainability activities and contribute to a recognizable policy.

Internatuur pursues the following objectives:

  • First of all, the objective of naturism; naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature; it is characterized by communal nudity with the aim of promoting self-respect, respect for fellow human beings and respect for nature and the environment;
  • Comply with environmental laws and regulations;
  • Inclusion of environmental concerns as a fully-fledged part of business operations;
  • exchange of knowledge in the field of environmental care;
  • Use local agents where possible;
  • View options to compensate for travel, such as with rental cars with Sunny Cars and to compensate for CO2 emissions through the compensation program of Transavia, which is offered to customers as standard;
  • Preventing and/or minimizing the environmental impact associated with Inter Nature’s products and services. In addition to quality and costs, the environmental aspect will be included as a fully-fledged criterion for:
  • Production and distribution of printed matter ;
  • Information to consumers, staff and accommodation owners;
  • Composition of arrangements.

In order to achieve these objectives, Inter Nature will make a great effort and commitment. Time and resources will be made available for this. In addition, initiatives by employees and accommodation owners to reduce the negative environmental impact of Internatuur’s products and services will be encouraged as much as possible.

Management C.A. Kniestedt August 2022
(also DTO coordinator)

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