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Internatuur has been working with car rental consolidators Sunny Cars and Flexible Cars for years.

Sunny Cars is a German company that tries to get the best deals on a rental car in every country. We can highly recommend a rental car from Sunny Cars. Because it is all-in: really all the necessary insurance is included. Even an additional WA of €10 million. Roof-tire-bottom-glass damage is also covered and the deductible is refunded as standard upon return to the Netherlands. So you can drive around 100% worry-free. The nice thing is also that you can get into your rental car right from the plane. No lugging luggage or waiting for a regional bus. And everything is pre-arranged and paid for in advance so guaranteed no extra costs on the spot. Your vacation begins immediately. We can arrange a customized Sunny Car for you today!

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We also cooperate with Flexible Cars. Like Sunny Cars, this is a consolidator that tries to get the best deals on your rental car in each country. We can also highly recommend a car from Flexible Cars. These cars are also all-in: all necessary insurance is included. Additional €7.5 million third-party insurance is included, as is roof-tire-bottom-glass damage. The deductible is refunded upon return to the Netherlands. So you can drive around 100% worry-free. With this rental company, you have no deductible, you can cancel 48 hours before the start at no cost, no change fees and much more.

In Lanzarote, in addition to Sunny Cars and Flexible Cars, we have been working with local agent Cars Guyare for many years. The advantage of this local agent is that he brings the car to Charco del Palo. Ask Internatuur for a quote on this rental.

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