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Destination: Mexico
Duration (from): 8 days

Between Cancun and Playa del Carmen on the Riviera Maya is the Goumet inclusive naturist resort Hidden Beach. It is a small resort, with only 42 suites, all of which have sea views. Gourmet Inclusive is even better than All-Incusive because they offer products anywhere with A-grade.


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Between Cancun and Playa del Carmen on the Riviera Maya is the Gourmet Inclusive nudist resort Hidden Beach.

It is a small adults only resort (from 18 year), with only 42 suites, all of which have sea views. Gourmet Inclusive is even better than All-Incusive because they offer products anywhere with A-grade.

The beach of the Caribbean sea is right outside the door, so you can enjoy a carefree holiday in the sun.

On the adjacent non-naturist, El Dorado Resort, there are a few extra features that you can use as a guest of Hidden Beach you, as long as you attract something.

In the nearby town of Playa del Carmen, you can browse through souvenir shops and many terraces, while in several places near the resort will find beautiful places to snorkel.

Special features:
adolescents 18 years are not welcome at the resort.
– Het resort is All-Inclusive, which means that all the food and drink is included in the price. However, you have in this area special needs please communicate this to the staff. It is good that you then advance asks what price depends on your request,

The 42 suites are spread over three floors and two identical but mirrored buildings constructed. All suites are equipped with a King-Size bed, table with 2 chairs, safe, hairdryer, bathroom with bath, jacuzzi, shower and toilet, airconditioning, ceiling fan, phone, satellite TV, DVD and CD player, coffee machine, mini bar and a bar 4 bottles of liquor. There is 24-hour room service.

Ocean Front Swim Up Jacuzzi Jr.Suite
These are located on the first floor (ground floor), 18 in number. They have a terrace and are at an artificially created river that leads to the pool. In addition to an ordinary terrace has a terrace in the water where you can sit.

Ocean Front Jacuzzi Junior Suite
These are located on the 1st and 2nd floor. They feature a balcony, Also with hammock, loungers and a table. From the balcony you have views of the sea.

Ocean Front Dome Suite
This 6 Rooms are characterized by a high plafand, large windows and therefore have a nice view. To book with or without balcony.

– Swimming pool with bathing river 2nd pool is heated
– Pool bar in the pool
– 2 Jacuzzi’s
– Restaurant
– Souvenirshop
– Beach showers
– 24-hour room service
– Currency exchange
– Disco: La Vida Loca

– Fitness Centre
– Watervolleybal
– Animation team
– Loan of books, CD DVD
– Internet computer at reception

From Amsterdam to Cancun is about 13 hours flying. Inter Nature intercedes for all air carriers, currently Arkefly and Air Berlin are the only flying rechtstreek in Cancun. The rates are available on request at Inter Nature.

Public transport:
Public transport in Mexico is well organized.
Met truck, Luxury bus, is, in principle, to reach any place in the country.
It is possible to select from three different class where it is recommended to travel 1st class and this book a day in advance.
The local buses are very cheap to use and fine for short distances.
Use of taxis is wise to agree the price in advance, especially if the taxi has no meter.
Ask the hotel reception what is a reasonable price.

Transfer time from the airport in Cancun to Hidden Beach is approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes. The price is approximately € 100 per taxi back. The transfer takes place with a non-stop direct taxi. There may possibly be other in-flight. Would you like a private taxi, we can arrange this for an additional fee.

You can also rent a car and this book at us.

Arrival / departure:
You can arrive and depart every day.

Request a quote for the entire package.

Mexico (officially, Estados Unidos Mexicanos) is an ideal holiday destination. Both culture lovers and beach lovers can enjoy their stay here. Mexico is a huge country with a size, which can be compared with the Benelux, West Germany, Britain, France, Spain and Italy together. Mexico has yet untouched areas, both above and below water. Snorkelers and divers can explore beautiful coral reefs in the clear water.

Above water there are deserts, fertile lowlands, volcanoes and tropical rainforests. Live there 56 various Indian peoples. Mexico has to offer something for every, both backpackers and tourists who appreciate luxury. The country has beside the pristine forests and deserted beaches, numerous small villages, where you as a foreigner are a welcome guest. And the Mexican food: tasty spicy dishes such as tacos and burritos.
You’ll also find different cultures like the Maya, the Interpreter Eten en de Aztek.

Time difference:
Mexico does not have summer and winter. In the main part of Mexico is part of the 8 hours behind the Netherlands in the summer time and 7 hours earlier in winter. Exceptions are the northern states Calofornia Baja Sur, Sonora, Sinaloa in Nayarit. These connect to the North American mountain time, where the time difference in the summer 9 hours and that in the winter 8 o’clock. Baja California Norte is the difference 10 and 9 hour earlier than in the Netherlands.

The official language of Mexico is Spanish. Besides Spanish, many indigenous languages ​​are spoken, such as the Otomi, Maya, náhuatl, Zapotec or Mixtec. In tourist areas, many people speak English.

The Mexican currency is the peso. Mexico may 2 types of pesos to be paid: the so-called old and new peso peso. An important difference between the old and the new peso is that the new peso almost 1000 times as much valuable than the old! The new peso is denoted by N $, and the old with $. In nearly all of Mexico can also be paid with US dollars. In many cities in Mexico you can use a Dutch bank card with a Cirrus logo on pins. But the credit card will be accepted in Mexico.

Mexico has an average temperature of about. 26°C degrees, yet the climate by area and time of year can be quite different. The climate of Mexico is divided into three zones. The hot zone is in the coastal areas, the elevated inland areas and the jungle. Up to a height of 750 m is an average annual temperature of ca.. 26°C degrees. In the warm months, this may still increase significantly. The temperate zone between 750 put in 2000 m has an average annual temperature of ca. 23°C degrees. The cold zone above 2000 m has an average annual temperature of ca. 18°C degrees. In the evenings and at night the temperature can drop considerably in high areas, You should always take a sweater or a jacket.


Ocean Front Junior Suite

18 Rooms with jacuzzi

Ocean Front Swim Up Suite

18 Rooms with jacuzzi and pool terrace

Ocean Front Dome Suite

6 Rooms with jacuzzi and elevated ceiling

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