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Destination: USA, California

Meadowlark is located in California in the famous wine region of Napa Valley above San Francisco. Meadowlark is part of the tour, “The Wild West of the USA”.


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Meadowlark is located in California in the famous wine region of Napa Valley above San Francisco. Meadowlark is part of the tour, “The Wild West of the USA”.

Meadowlark falls under the category Luxury properties.

Meadowlark is a Luxury Boutique Resort consists of 3 buildings with 10 chambers. All rooms have a balcony or terrace, except room 3. Room 3 has only one bathroom with shower and toilet, while the other rooms have a bathroom with Jacuzzi where you with 2 people at a time can and a toilet. The next Jacuzzi Garden Room also has a separate shower. On the balcony or the terrace by the pool you may expose. From your room to the pool, you must have something to, dressing gowns are provided in order to use. All rooms have Queensizebed of 160 × 200 cm and are tastefully decorated. All rooms have a refrigerator, iron and ironing board. All rooms are 2 persons, but in Suite 2 and space in the pool house 4 persons.

Main building
Here is the common living room and breakfast room. In good weather eaten outside on the porch. Suite 1 in Suite 5 are down and Suite 2, Suite 4, and Room 3 are located on the first floor.

Guest Wing
Here are the Pond Room with a private pond in the garden and plenty of privacy, The Garden Room has a view of the overall garden and Mountain View Room overlooks Mount Saint Helena (1323 meters high).

Pool House
This is a detached cottage up 4 persons. It is spacious and has a separate bedroom with queen bed, The living room has a sofa, fireplace and comfortable chairs. There are doors opening onto a large terrace overlooking the forest and you in the afternoon, the sun. There is a kitchen with washer and dryer.

– Common living room
– Breakfast Room

– Mineral water pool (no chlorine)
– Sunbeds and umbrellas
– Sauna
– Hottub
– Gym with a few devices
– Extensive walking

The flight from Amsterdam to San Francisco takes about 10 hour and 55 minutes. Several airlines fly daily from Amsterdam.

Car rental:
In America is car rental inevitable. The distances are great and there is no American who thinks about walking, so there are scarcely sidewalks. We mediate for Sunny Cars that offers good cars and also the best insurances. You can hire a car from € 199 per week. You need a creditcard to rent a car. Ask Internatuur for the possibilities.

Meadowlark is included in our tour “The Wild West of America ‘.

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California, ‘The Golden State’, has a coastline of no less than 1400 kilometers to the West Coast.

California is a state with many opportunities. In size it is bigger than Germany, but slightly smaller than France. Only the states of Alaska and Texas are bigger in America. California has the largest and tallest trees in the world. Which can be found in one of the many National Parks who knows the state and you can not miss if you go to the West of the United States. There are in California mountain ranges with ski resorts, but also deserts, glaciers, forests, hill areas, lakes and beaches. The climate and vegetation ranging from dry deserts to alpine high mountains. That makes this is very interesting.

The capital is Sacramento and Los Angeles not what many people think.

Time difference:
It is in California 9 hours earlier than in the Netherlands; Exception: between the second and last Sunday in March and between the last Sunday in October and the first Sunday in November, the 8 hours earlier in California.
In America is the official language Englisch. American Englisch is different from Englisch from England.
California is also widely spoken by the Spanish population.

The official currency is the US dollar. If you want to take money from the Netherlands it is wise to bring travel checks in dollars.
Also, it is certainly convenient to carry a credit card. This is a regular way of payment and sometimes it is required to pay by creditcard. At some gas stations it is not possible to pay cash.

In California, you have large differences in climate. As stated Meadowlark located in the Napa Valley where many winemakers are. The grapes to make good wine from keeping a climate where the nights are cold and the days are warm.

Main building

several Suites

Guest wing

Nice rooms with their own theme

Pool house

detached house

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