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Destination: USA, Arizona

Mira Vista Resort is located in the state of Arizona near the Mexican border. Mexican influences can be found throughout the resort.


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Mira Vista Resort is located in the state of Arizona, not far from the Mexican border. You can find Mexican influences at this beautiful naturist destination. Mira Vista is part of the roundtrip. This resort opened their doors in 1850, but since 2006 it is for naturists.

We classified Mira Vista Resort as a Luxury Resort because of the Premium Rooms and Condo’s. They also have standard rooms, So if you want to stay a little cheaper, ask us for these rooms.

Premium Suite
The Premium Suites are housed in charming historic buildings. No Suite is the same and they are beautiful renovated, but still retain their original character.
The Premium Suites have a separate bedroom with 2 bed and a living room with TV, fridge, coffee machine, hairdryer. Shower, toilet, towels and towels to take to the pool. Outside is a patio.

Condo with 1 bedroom
This is a spacious apartment with 1 bedroom. The bedroom and the living room have a balcony / patio. All the Condo’s has a washer, dryer and dishwasher. The large kitchen also has a toaster, oven, microwaver, large refrigerator and stove upscale. In the bedroom is a large bathroom with large shower, separate toilet and a walk-in closet. The bedroom has a King-size bed and TV. An iron & board are also provided. Condo All have towels and towels to take to the pool.

Condo with 2 Bedrooms
This is similar to the Condo 2 Bedrooms, but has an additional bedroom with en suite.
All Condo’s are of very good quality.

– Restaurant, open Thursday / Sunday
– Gift shop
– Bar
– Playgrounds

– (Heated) swimming pools (indoor and outdoor) with sun loungers and parasols
– Indoor jacuzzi
– Volleyball Pool
– Shuffleboard en picklebal
– Horseshoe Throw Field
– room with pool billiards and table tennis
– Fitness Centre
– Free WIFI, not everywhere reach (in and around swimming pools, use of phone and i-pad forbidden)

There are no direct flights to Phoenix or Tucson. With a KLM-flight and a stop over it will take 13 hours to get there. Several airlines fly daily from Amsterdam. We have included Mira Vista in our roudtrip, it is easier to fly to Los Angeles or San Francisco, what can be done directly.

Car rental:
In America is car rental inevitable. The distances are great and there is no American who thinks about walking, so there are scarcely sidewalks. We mediate for Sunny Cars that offers good cars and also the best insurances. Carrental is possible from approximately
€ 199 per week. You need a creditcard to rent a car. Ask Internatuur for the possibilities.

Mira Vista Resort is included in our tour “The Wild West of America”.

Request a quote for the entire package.

Arizona, also known as the Grand Canyon State or Copperstate (Copper State), has been Mexican territory for a long time, until the Mexicans at the end of the Mexican-American War in 1848 had to cede the territory to America.

Geographically, Arizona, known for its natural beauty, a state of extremes. The state consists for a large portion of desert, while another part of the state is intersected by the Rocky Mountains, Humphreys Peak with the highest point (3851 meters), is also the highest point in the state.

The main river is the Colorado, which forms a part of the west border. The river flows through the famous Grand Canyon. Other notable natural areas are the Painted Desert, Monument Valley (on the border with the state of Utah) and The Wave.

The capital is Phoenix.

Time difference:
It is in Arizona 9 hours behind the Netherlands during our summer time and 8 hours behind the Netherlands during our wintertime; Exception: The Navajo reserve applies unlike the rest of the state have a summertime. During our summer time it remains so 8 hours earlier. Between the second and last Sunday of March and between the last Sunday of October and the first Sunday of November in the Navajo reserve 7 hours earlier.
In America is the official language Englisch. American Englisch is different from Englisch from England.
Arizona is also Spanish speaking because of the Spanish population.

The official currency is the US dollar. If you want to take money from the Netherlands it is wise to bring travel checks in dollars.
Also, it is certainly convenient to carry a credit card. This is a regular way of payment and sometimes it is required to pay by creditcard. At some gas stations it is not possible to pay cash.

Arizona has for the most part a desert climate with hot summers, but they also have night frost, especially in winter. In the northern part of the state, which lies higher than the other parts, the climate is considerably colder with temperatures which may drop to below -18 ° C. The capital Phoenix is ​​the city with the most days per year where the temperature can rise to +38 ° C or higher temperatures.

Standard Room

1-2 persons

Premium Suite

1-2 persons


2-4 persons

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