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Destination: Honduras, Roatán Island

Payabay located on the island of Roatan, for the coast of Honduras. The nickname of this island is the Big Island.


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Payabay located on the island of Roatan, for the coast of Honduras. The nickname of this island is the Big Island.

Situated on this paradise called Payabay 22 acres (circa 89031 m2) where you can walk naked and unwind. Several spots to enjoy the ocean views.

has Payabay 3 different categories of accommodations. The accommodations exude an island atmosphere with their high ceilings and wooden floors. The bright colors are highlighted on the wall with indigenous motifs Payan. The view from your private balcony reminds you every day that you are one of the most special places on earth.

All units have a furnished balcony, airco, private bathroom, ceiling fans, TV, mini-fridge and cupboards CD player to listen to your own music. Beach towels are available. Water you get in the room.

There are only 2 houses with a kitchen, 1 beachhouse en 1 Hilltopwoning.

Cliff rooms, here are 4 from
Queen bed and small balcony with stunning views.

Hilltop rooms, here are 5 from
Kingsizebed, From these rooms you can see the sun rise, slightly larger room.

Beachhouse, here are 4 from
These are most advantageous, because here you do not have a nice view and the balcony was shared. Queen size bed and bathroom with shower.

Payabay’s prices are for the Rest&Relaxation package. However, we can book different packages for you. Ask us for the possibilities!


• 1 Restaurant (dressed)
• Beach Bar

Andere services:

• Water sports facilities, including snorkelling, kayaken, Sportvissen, diving etc.
• Free WIFI

• Large sandy beach.
• yoga
• meditation opportunities
• many places where you can lie / sit quietly

Plane: It is about 26 o’clock, because you need an overnight stay in America as flights from Atlanta, Houston or Miami’s flying morning. We can also recommend this trip in conjunction with America.
We mediate for all airlines. Rates are available on request at Inter Nature.

Transfer We can arrange for you and worry in the price.
Request a quote for the entire package.

The island is approximately 65 kilometers off the coast of Honduras. It is about 77 kilometers long and less than 8 kilometers wide across its widest point. The island rests on an ancient coral reef. Snorkelers and divers can enjoy themselves here, because the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef is also close, which is the second largest reef in the world (The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is greater).

Tourism is the main source of income, then fishing.

Time Difference
It is Roatan Island 7 hours earlier than in the Netherlands; when we have summer time: 8 o’clock.

The official language is English Roatan, but on the whole island is Spanish spoken.

The local currency is the Lempira (HDL). HDL should not in- or perform. The best you can therefore take US Dollars. Here you can pay on the spot, and they can be exchanged for the Lempira. Upon arrival, it can happen that you need to specify the amount entered.
Euro Cheques and giro checks are not accepted.
On Roatan Island you can pin on a machine with a CIRRUS code. It is also possible to withdraw with a Mastercard and Visa.

Roatan Island has a tropical monsoon climate. The least rainfall is in spring (February to May). The temperature is about the year. Chance of most hurricanes and storms in the 2nd half of the year, but the chances are small that it actually occurs.

Clear differences between the seasons knows the island not.

Cliff room

2 persons

Hilltop room

2 persons, the view


4 persons

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