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Destination: Corsica, France
Duration (from): 7 days

Near the former Roman capital of Corsica, Aleria, with its Roman excavations, is the naturist center Riva Bella, between the Mediterranean coast and the Terrenzanameer, which lies in the river Sbiri.


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Near the former Roman capital of Corsica, Aleria, with its Roman excavations, is the naturist center Riva Bella, between the Mediterranean coast and the Terrenzanameer, which lies in the river Sbiri.

All houses have a microwaver, fridge, terrace with 2 sunbeds, a umbrella, a bathroom with toilet, shower and sink. At the bungalows 1 and 2 is the kitchen at the veranda. The bunk bed in bungalow type 2 is 80×180 cm. The double beds are the most of the time 140×190 cm. The mini-villa, Rêve and the Villa Luxe have a livingroom with kitchen. The types 4 and 5 have airconditioning.

Type 1 Alba / 25 m2 / 1-2 people
Detached. Bedroom with double bed, a covered veranda a dining- and kitchenette with microwave. These bungalows are located right on the beach.

Type 2 East / 29 m2 / 1-4 people
Semidetached. Double bedroom, open to bedroom with bunk beds and a covered veranda a dining- and kitchenette with microwave.

Type 3 Mini-villa Wave / 45 m2 / 2-4 people
Double bedroom, a lounge with a sofa bed and a small fully equipped kitchen. A terrace with table and chairs.

Type 4 Dream Cabin Costa Serena / 35 m2 / 2-4 people
This house is made of wood and has an air conditioning. Living room with sofa bed, TV and dining table. Bedroom with double bed. Bedroom with 3 beds including 1 bunk. Open fully equipped kitchen with extractor, coffee machine, microwaver , freezer and 4-hotplates. Apart toilet.

Type 5 Luxury Villa Paradisu / 38 m2 / 2-4 people
On 60 meters from the beach with air conditioning and safe. Double bedroom, living room with sofa bed with French television channel, Hifi-stereo, dining area with fully equipped kitchen with microwave, espresso maker and sandwich maker.

Type 6 then Mobilhome / 32 m2 / 2-6 -people
mobile home on 90 meters from the beach and Alalia Sea located right on the beach. They have 3 bedrooms beds, airco, kitchen, living room and bathroom with separate toilet.

Facilities & Relaxation:

Riva Bella is known by his big Thalasso Spa Centre where you can book several arrangements. Like massage baths, body masks, massages, manicure, sauna, beautician and hammam. Lockers are available.

– Restaurant
– Beachbar /restaurant
– Bicycle
– Sunbeds and parasols
– Playground
– Self-service shop where you can get bread in the morning

– Dance nights and live music, like Brazilan, Creools an Corsican from June till September
– Several sport possilities
– Sauna
– Jogging cours around the lake
– Volleyball and chess
– Animal park with lama’s

You can visit thirty imported lama’s from Chili by arrival in the park.

Riva Bella is a nice departure point for excursions at the island such as Porto Vecchio and Bonifacio, cut, Bavella etc.

Special features:
• Heep in mind that not all the facilities will be open in the pre- and late season.

By car:
Riva Bella is about 1540 km from Utrecht. A car (or cars) is a good way to travel through Corsica and handy for when you want to visit some remote places. The roads in Corsica are of good quality, but there are no highways. When you go by your own car you need to go with a boat from France or Italy. In these countries you have to pay toll.

Furthermore, you must be owned by International Insurance certificates known as the green card if you go by car. In France, also in Corsica, it is mandatory to have an alcohol tester in the car. A valid driver’s license, is necessary.

With the ferry:
Internatuur mediate for Corsica Ferries. You can cross at Toulon, Nice and Marseille in France and Savona or Livorno in Italy. The prices change daily, So please ask us for a quote.

With the plane:
Flight time is about 2 o’clock. There are no direct flights from Netherlands more to Corsica. You can only fly directly from Brussels Charleroi and Dusseldorf to Corsica. If you do not mind to move, it is possible to fly to Bastia from both Amsterdam and Dusseldorf. Because of the distance to the accommodation, we advise you to rent a car. Information about the flight days and the rental car can be asked by us.

Car rental:
We advise a rental car, this because Riva Bella is outlying.

Corsica is located in the Mediterranean Sea, only 80 kilometers from the Italian coast and just 12 kilometers from Sardinia, but it actually belongs to France. With a maximum width of 85 km and a length of 185 km, is it the 3 th largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Corsica is known by the French as, “Ile de Beauté”, and is an island of contrasts. You can find rugged cliffs in the west. Kilometers of sandy beaches flank the island in the East. Behind that begins the fields and vineyards. These extend to the foot of the mountains, passing into the interior in a high solid, which is mainly formed by a conservation. Citadellen, Churches, castles and fortresses testify to an eventful history. Typical of Corsica is the beautiful world of plants, which consists of more than 70 different species that occur in the Mediterranean and the Alps. These include rare orchids and cacti and of course the Macchia which smells wonderful in the spring .

The Corsican wine is worth trying. More than 2000 years ago, the ancient Greeks planted vines, because here the soil and climate are excellent. Internatuur has a DVD with all the naturist destinations at Corsica and all of the sights. Everyone who book 10 days or longer get the DVD for free by booking. Others can order this for € 10 per Unit + shipping costs.

The official language in Corsica, is French. In each region have people their own dialect. In the tourist areas can the people speak English.

Corsica is part of France and is part of the European Union and you can also pay with the euro. Nearly all cards will be accepted for paying. Credit cards are also accepted.

Corsica has a Mediterranean climate. The island has a long summer to, where the sea temperature is pleasant and not too cold to dive.

Bungalow type 1

Suitable for 1-2 persons with living / bedroom. Surface about 25 m²

Bungalow type 2

Suitable for 1-4 persons with living/bedroom and a small bay with bunk bed. Two-under-one-roof, oppervlakte about 29 m²

Mini-villa type 3

Suitable for 2-4 individuals with 1 bedroom. Surface about 45 m²

Réve type 4

Suitable for 2-6 individuals with 2 Bedrooms. Surface about 35 m²

Villa luxe type 5

Suitable for 2-4 individuals with 1 bedroom and mezzanine. Surface about 50 m²


This is a example. There are just a few places on sea.

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