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Destination: Slovenia
Duration (from): 2 days

Terme Banovci is about 50 kilometers from Maribor in Slovenia middle. The nearest airport is Graz in Austria, about 1 hour drive. Ljubljana and Zagreb are also possible arrival airports (both approx 2 hour drive) to visit this hotel.


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Terme Banovci is about 50 kilometers from Maribor in Slovenia middle.

The nearest airport is Graz in Austria, about 1 hour drive. Ljubljana and Zagreb are also possible arrival airports (both approx 2 hour drive) to visit this hotel.

The hotel Zeleni Gaj that’s part of the Sava Hotels & Resort chain. This hotel with its hot thermal baths popularly Terme Banovci and is surrounded by meadows, far away from crowds. To our knowledge this is the only Thermal world for naturists.
Terme Banovci has approximately 2000 m2 of water surface with waterfalls, slides, onderwatermassage in 2 whirlpools. They also have a large naturist with private whirlpool, cold water and hot springs surrounded by a large lawn.
The property belongs to the Sava hotel group and is textiles, but you can walk from your room in bathrobe to the naturist section. Here, you can relax and unwind.
Thermo-mineral water comes from a depth of 1700 meters and has a temperature of 60º-68º Celsius. The water is returned to the pool to 34º-36º Celsius. The water has a beneficial effect on your body. People with arthritis often benefit from bathing in a thermal bath. It is full of minerals beneficial work. The thermal water contains many minerals, such as salt, magnesium, jodium en bromide. The pleasant warmth you immediately feel all the tension draining from your body.

The rooms are in the main building and the annex.

2-Double room in main building
Room with 2 bed, TV (no NL), dressing table, ordinary chair, easy chair, minibar (paid), Internet, phone, safe, airco, bathrobe, bathroom with shower, toilet, washbasin and hairdryer, small balcony with furniture.

Kamers in de dependance
2-bed, a bed for a 3rd person to be interred there or possibly. for 2 small children, good for families with children. Also present minibar (paid), TV (no NL), safe, phone, airco, bathroom with shower, toilet, washbasin and hairdryer. Outside balcony or terrace.

• Daily cleaning of the room, every 3 to 4 day change of bed linen.

Naturist section:
– Thermal bath with whirlpool and underwater massage jets.
– Dompelbad.
– Large lawn with loungers.
– Snackbar.
– WC’s with showers.

Textile Area:
– Thermal pool with whirlpools, underwater jets and slide, pool with normal water, children’s pool and indoor pool.
– Restaurant with morning- in avondbuffet.
– Bar and cafe where you can buy ice cream.
– Children Program.
– Dance nights.
– Vollleybal.
– Table Tennis.
– Tennis.
– Golf and fishing are in the near vicinity.

Wellness in het hotel:
– 3 Finse sauna’s, 1 Steam room, relaxation room with woodburner.
You should be naked in the sauna but in the areas around it, the people have a towel or a bathrobe.
– Body Massages.
– Voetreflexmassages.
– Aromatherapy.
– Shiatsu, Ayurveda, Hotstone-massage, Bodywrapping etc.
– Herbal Baths.
– Different gaskets.
– Barber, manicure, pedicure.

By car:
Slovenia has a number of highways, whose three main thoroughfare roads are. The most important compounds are the A1 from the Austrian border at Spielfeld through Maribor and Ljubljana runs to the coastal town of Koper and connecting it on the roads of Croatia. The A2 connects the Karawankentunnel with Kranj and Ljubljana. After the capital, the road east towards the Croatian border and Zagreb. The new A5 runs through Maribor Murska Sobota to the Hungarian border, which will connect the road on the way to Budapest.

With the plane:

You can fly to Graz, Ljubljana of Zagreb. It is about 1 hour and 45 minutes to Ljubljana.

Information about the flight days and the rental car can be asked by us.

Slovenia is a dream destination for many reasons. Both the climate and the hotels and the population is top! Employees of tourist offices are often incredibly helpful and will happily give way to the most beautiful places in Slovenia!
It is a developed country and organized, moreover, good English spoken. The mother tongue is spoken Slovenian.
There is a lot of adventure. Thus, it is possible, for example to white-water-rafting or mountain biking, but you can be watching very good bird!
Slovenia is the neighbor of Italy but not as pricey and knows the coast almost the same climate. Ideal for those looking for a cheap holiday in the sun and would not exchange, because the currency is the euro..
It has a varied landscape. The surface is similar to the half of the Netherlands, So you can get during the holidays in Slovenia are a good and complete picture of Slovenia.
Slovenia has few large cities. The capital, Ljubljana (278,000 inhabitants) and Maribor (115,000 inhabitants) are the only two cities with more than one hundred thousand residents.

In Slovenia the population speaks Slovenian.

Slovenia is part of the European Union and you can also pay with the Euro.
Nearly all cards will be accepted for paying. Credit cards are also accepted.

Each season has its advantage in Slovenia. Slovenia has many different heights. Snow may lie in the mountains until late June while you will encounter beautiful flower fields in the lower parts of the country.

Hotel room main building

Suitable for 1-3 persons. Surface about 27 m².

Room Dependance

Suitable for 1-3 persons. Surface about 24 m².

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