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Destination: New Zealand
Duration (from): 29 days

Tour New Zealand; het kleine landje naast Australië dat uit 3 consists islands. The North Island and the South Island are the best known. Less known Stewart Island. Also in the nature New Zealand has a lot to offer in beauty and variety. Naturist accommodation are generally simple.


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Tour New Zealand; het kleine landje naast Australië dat uit 3 consists islands. The North Island and the South Island are the best known. Less known Stewart Island.

Also in the nature New Zealand has a lot to offer in beauty and variety. Naturist accommodation are generally simple.

All properties where you are staying at a glance:

Auckland Outdoor Naturist Club.
Oranui cabin, fully equipped, However, the bathroom is outside at approximately 50 meter walk.

The Barn.
Non-naturist site.

Chalet with private kitchen and bathroom with shower and toilet. You only need to bring along your towels.

Holiday Park
Close to the Maori culture in a non-naturist site.

Wellington Naturist Club.
Campsite with swimming pool, spa / sauna, various sports. Cabin with living / bedroom with 2 bed, a kitchenette with microwave, fridge and kettle. There is no hot water and no bathroom. You can use the shared kitchen and bathroom.

Wai Natur.
2-room with coffee, kettle and fridge. There are 2 double bedrooms which share a large bathroom with shower and tub. There are 2 separate toilets. Outside there is a jacuzzi in the garden and there are fitness machines to use.

Nelson Sunclub.
2-room in the Clubhouse. Sunrise has communal showers, kitchen and toilets, a swimming pool, lawn bowling, 9-hole golf course and a jacuzzi.

Non-naturist site.

Fox Glacier.
Non-naturist site.

Creeksyde Holiday Park.
Non-naturist site.

Te Anau.
Non-naturist site.

Lake Tekapo.
Non-naturist site.

Pineglades Naturist Club.
Camping met cabins, You can use the sanitary block. One cabin does have its own kitchen and bathroom. The site has plenty of showers and toilets and fully equipped kitchens with microwave, ovens and hobs.

The various locations have all other facilities and opportunities to relax. Sometimes we use hotels of textile or textile campgrounds with cabins, because few naturist opportunities. We try the trip so to share for you, you can still enjoy as much and as long as the naturist facilities.

This trip is really a customized trip and as composed as you’d like it.

Here are some activities you can do in New Zealand:

– Rafting
– Kajaktochten
– Boat trips
– Walking
– Air Safari
– Maoridorp bezoeken
– Vistrips
– Walk along geysers
– Thermal Baden
– Bungeejumpen
– Golf

Facilities of areas:

Auckland Outdoor Naturist Club

Garden bar with barbecues.
Spa/sauna complex.
Large and small outdoor pool.
Playground for children.


Jacuzzi in the garden.


It is about 25 hour and 10 minutes flying back and 30 hour and 20 minutes flying on the way if you fly with Singapore Airlines via Singapore. Every day there are flights and we intercede for all airlines. It depends on the day and when you book what the price will be. Advantageous carriers include Emirates, Cathay Pacific, adjust Airlines, Qantas etc. In one society you have multiple stops and stopovers than another company. Want to make a stopover in Singapore, Hongkong, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Dubai, Japan, everything is possible.

Car Information:

Renting a car in New Zealand is absolutely necessary, because you want to see, finally, some of the island. You should however keep in mind that you are in New Zealand left to drive. An international driving license is recommended, but is not necessary.

New Zealand runs, if you put it on the map of Europe, from Denmark to Portugal. There are approximately 3 million people in the North Island and around 1 million on the South Island. There are more sheep, than people in New Zealand.

Time Difference
New Zealand is in the months of November / March 12 hour later. In the remaining months, the difference 10 o’clock.

is in New Zealand both English and Maori spoken. In English, however, you can fine feet, also mastered the Maori English excellent.
New Zealand also has a name in Maori, namely ‘Aotearoa’ which means land of the long white cloud. The Tiki is a lucky charm for the wearer of this symbol.

The currency in New Zealand is the New Zealand dollar (NZ $). On 1 July 2014 the exchange rate 1 NZD $ = 0,64 €.

The North Island has a subtropical climate, and on the South Island a maritime climate prevails. Rainfall is spread over the whole year. much rain falls on the South Island, especially on the west coast.

New Zealand lies in the Southern Hemisphere, so if it’s winter here, there is the summer and vice versa.

the North- and the South Island are very different from each other. Nature on the South Island is impressive, but the North Island has volcanoes and geysers.

Auckland Outdoor

Naturist Club Tour


Naturist Club Tour

Wellington Sun

Naturist Club Tour

Wai Natur

Naturist Club Tour

Nelson Sunclub

Naturist Club Tour


Naturist Club Tour

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