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Destination: Croatia
Duration (from): 7 days

Ulika is located on a peninsula, about 8 kilometers from the charming town of Porec. This is a city full of culture, tourism, sports and entertainment and with aromas and colors of past times.


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Ulika is located on a peninsula, about 8 kilometers from the charming town of Porec.

Ulika is unique by the many oak bomb that can be found on the site. The camping has a coastline of approximately 2,5 km and consists mainly of gravel- and stone beaches and sunny plateaus.

Ulika has mobile homes that you can rent. You can only rent based on lodging. The comfortable mobile homes have a covered terrace, sea ​​view and are just 30 meters from the beach. All accommodation includes bed linen and towels and the exchange is 1 time a week.

Mobilhome type Bianca / about 32 m² / 2-5 people
Living room with a sitting area (sleeps 2 people), a well-equipped kitchen (refrigerator, 3-burner gas stove and 1 Electric, microwave and coffee maker), satellite TV, airco, double bedroom, children’s room with bunk beds or 2 single beds, 2 x shower / toilet and covered terrace 5 x 2,5 meter table, chairs and 2 sunbeds.

Mobilhome Studio Eden / about 16 m² / 1-2 people
Stands of Mobil 8 x 4 meters which is divided into two units, which are called Studio Eden. Each apartment has a double bedroom of 1.40 x 2.00 meters, a lounge with fully equipped kitchen (refrigerator, hob with 2 electric hotplates, microwave and coffee maker) and dining area with sofa, satellite TV, air conditioning and 1 bathroom with shower and toilet. Outside is a covered terrace 4 x 2,5 meter table, chairs and 2 sunbeds.

• Restaurant, Grill, Pizzeria and bar
• Convenience store, souvenier and kiosk
• Laundry and WIFI fee

• Fresh water pool
• Beach volleyball and soccer
• Various sports such as i.a.. table tennis, tennis,
minigolf and jeu de boules
• Water fee
• Massages fee
• Children and workshops

By car:
From Utrecht is it approximately 1345 kilometers to drive to Ulika.

From the meetingpoint Maarheerze is it approximately 20 hours to drive to Ulika. It is possible to move on to other points in Netherlands, ask us for the possibilities.

It is about 2 hours to fly to Croatia. We mediate among other things with Croatia Airlines.

We advise you to hire a car, if you want to see something of Croatia. We mediate for Sunny Cars.

If you prefer transfer, we can arrange that for you. Price for single trip varies between € 35,- and € 85,- per taxi.

Other information:
Parking fee is included in the price. If you come by car: On the Austrian and Slovenian highways is it required to have a Autobahnvignet. This Austrian vignette is available in Austria at all highway crossings and in the Netherlands from the ANWB. The Slovenian vignette is available at the border.

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Croatia lies on the Adriatic Sea and is bordered in the north by Slovenia and Hungary, on the east by Serbia and Montenegro and in the south to Bosnia-Herzegovina. Across the sea is Italy. The surface of ​​Croatia is 56.542 km². This is approximately as big as Belgium and the Netherlands together.
Croatia has about 4.4 million people. The Croats are a very hospitable people. The modesty coupled with their great hospitality make a tourist feel at home in this beautiful country. But besides welcoming, friendly and helpful, Croats are mainly a very proud people.

Besides the language Croatian can the people in the touristic areas speak Englisch, German or Italian. Along the coast is spoken with a dialect similar to the Venetian. The Croatian language is of Slavic language family.

The official currency is the Croatian kuna (kuna = 100 lipa’s). Most shops also accept euros.
Foreign currency can be exchanged in banks, exchange bureaus, post offices and the most tourist agencies, hotels and campings.
In larger places you can pay mostly with Travellercheques and credit cards. Also ‘pin’ is possible in the larger towns. Always keep enough cash. In some areas are banks and post offices scarce.

Croatia is a sunny country. The sun is shining about 2500 hours per year and the average temperature in the summer is 23 °C degrees. In Croatia there are two climate zones; in the inland predominate a continental climate, partly also a mountain climate. In the interior are the winters harsh and rainy and the summers are hot and dry. In the mountains falls a lot of rain and snow. The area along the Adriatic coast has a pleasant Mediterranean climate with many hours of sunshine, hot, dry summers and mild and wet winters.

Mobile home

Mobile home, about 32 m²

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