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Destination: Spain, Spain – Canary Islands, Lanzarote
Travel time (from): 7 days

Villa Blanca is located on Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands. Lanzarote is a typical example of a volcano island.


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Villa Blanca is located on Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands.

Lanzarote is a typical example of a volcano island. There are more than 300 craters on the island. Lanzarote is the easternmost island of the Canary Islands. It is located about 115km from Africa, in the Atlantic Ocean and is approximately 795km². The island is approximately 60 km long and max. 21 km wide.

Villa Blanca is also part of Charco del Palo. It is situated about 75 meters from Charco Natural and from the sea. Despite the rocky coast at Charco del Palo, you can swim well in the sea. There is a so-called. “monkey rock”, on which you can sunbathe. You can swim in the sea via a ladder. A swimming pool has also been created, the “natural pool”.

Villa Blanca has 5 apartments, 4 of which are for rent, our representative Gert Klamerek lives at number 5.

Villa Blanca Normal, apartments nos. 2, 3 and 4
Three apartments consist of a cozy living room with satellite TV (German), open kitchen with refrigerator, 4-burner stove and coffee maker. The apartments have two bedrooms, bathroom with shower and toilet. Each apartment has a terrace with garden furniture.

Villa Blanca large, apartment no.1
This is a very spacious apartment with 2 bedrooms and 2 living areas, one of which is a spacious living room with LCD Sat. TV with the Dutch channels Netherlands 1, 2 and 3, RTL4, 5 and 7, SBS 6 and many German and English channels. The second living area serves as a conservatory with a view over the pool and sea. The kitchen of this apartment is also large and has a dining area. The kitchen is equipped with a 4-burner electric hob, oven, 1 large fridge with freezer, toaster, kettle, coffee maker and fondue set. The bathroom has 2 showers, a toilet and 2 sinks. There is also a second toilet in this apartment.

Villa Blanca has a walled tropical garden with private swimming pool and an outdoor shower for its own guests.

When using the 2nd bedroom, the cleaning costs will be higher. Request a travel proposal for this.

Facilities & Relaxation:

You can use the entire complex including:
†  Several restaurants including a tapas bar.
†  Eatery/Pub.
– Boutique.
– Simple supermarket (open for a few hours every day).

– Swimming pool.
– Snorkeling in the sea.
– Volleyball.

Near Villa Blanca is a natural basin with a passage to the sea, where you can enjoy swimming at high tide. The calm waters here are also suitable for children.

†  You must keep the house clean during your stay.
– You will be welcomed by our representative Gert, he speaks German and Spanish.
†  The unheated pool is filled with tap water. On Lanzarote, a salt technique is often used instead of chlorine.
– Books and games are available.
– Because Lanzarote has lava soil, the white wine gets a unique taste. Inland you will find many grape vines and wine fincas. You can drive here yourself.

Flight information:
It is about a 4.5 hour flight to Lanzarote We can book flights for you. The airports that are possible from the Netherlands:

  • Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
  • Rotterdam/The Hague Airport
  • Eindhoven Airport

Would you rather fly from Germany or Belgium, ask for the possibilities.

Car hire :
We advise you to rent a car if you want to see something of the island. We mediate for:

  • SunnyCars
  • Flexible Cars
  • Cars Guayrea

If you prefer a transfer, we can arrange it for you.

  • Private transfer €90.- return


Request a quote for the entire package without obligation.

The island:
The volcanoes of Lanzarote together form a unique landscape. The island is covered with different colors of lava that can be seen in the Timanfaya National Park. Man and landscape have succeeded in attuning to each other, creating harmony between architecture and agriculture.

Because Lanzarote has lava soil, the white wine gets a unique taste. Inland you will find many grape vines and wine fincas. You can drive here yourself.

Spanish is the official language in the Canary Islands. Because many English and German tourists come to Lanzarote, people also speak English or German.

Because the Canary Islands are a province of Spain, you can simply pay with the Euro.
You can withdraw money with almost any debit card. Credit cards are also accepted, with the exception of small shops and restaurants.
The ATM is in Mala Guatiza.

Time difference:
On Lanzarote it is 1 hour earlier than in the Netherlands .  This applies to both winter time and summer time.

The Canary Islands are also called the islands of “eternal spring”, because the temperature actually remains the same all year round. There is therefore a subtropical climate. Lanzarote is pleasant almost all year round. In summer there can be hot days with an east or south-east wind caused by heat from Africa.

 Climate table Lanzarote            
 Average temperature212121222324252626252322
 Average number of hours of sunshine per day6789910111210876
 Average number of days of rainfall543210001345
 Average sea water temperature171718181920212223222018


Villa Blanca large

Number 1, approximately 85 m²

Villa Blanca normal

Number 2, approximately 50 m²

Villa Blanca normal

Number 3, approximately 45 m²

Villa Blanca normal

Number 4, approximately 45 m²

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