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Destination: USA, Florida
Duration (from): 7 days

In Florida near Tampa is in place 2004 the Caliente Tampa Clothing Optional Resort opens. Clothing Optional means that people with clothes and no clothes are allowed. The swimming pool is compulsory subject.


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Caliente Tampa, het clothing optional resort, Situated in Florida near Tampa and in the place 2004 opened.

Clothing Optional means that people with clothes and no clothes are allowed. The swimming pool is compulsory subject. Caliente Tampa is approximately 40 kilometers from the Tampa Airport.

There are 120 accommodation rental. These are divided into:

Hotel rooms are next to the reception on the ground floor and 1st floor. They all have air-conditioning, Room with king-size bed, sitting area, bathroom, fridge, microwaver, TV and balcony or terrace.

Casitas standard and deluxe air conditioned, one bedroom with queen size beds, bathroom, fully equipped kitchen with microwave, fridge, a dishwasher, living room and patio. at 2 bedrooms you also 2 bathrooms.

Villa’s met 3 bedrooms over 2 floors and a garage. It has 2 full bathrooms and fully equipped kitchen.

The prices listed below are guide prices based on 2 people. Please request a travel quote for the exact price and for prices for singles.

– Shops and restaurants
– 7 swimming pools, including 2 hottubs
– Various options such as sprat (water) volleyball, tennis, shuffleboard, bowls in basketbal

– Clubhouse with Spa Sereno, 2 restaurants, 4 bars, nachtclub en fitness-centrum
– There are many activities and events organized.

The flight from Amsterdam to Tampa takes approximately 10 hour and 15 minutes. Several airlines fly daily from Amsterdam. continental airlines, United Airlines and KLM are flying around but always with a change in the US.

Car: In America is car rental inevitable. The distances are great and there is no American who thinks about walking, so there are scarcely sidewalks. We mediate for Sunny Cars that offers good cars and also the best insurances. For 2 people would give you a Chevrolet Aveo, 2 door or similar, automat , including air conditioning, 2E driver and 1st tank can take, these can be rented from € 199 per week. For a car 3-4 persons we assume a Nissan Versa, 4-door or similar, automatic transmission and includes air conditioning. These can be rented from € 217 per week. You need a creditcard to rent a car. Should you another, larger cars like, then this can, of course, also, Nature Inter question about the possibilities.

Request a quote for the entire package.

Florida, ‘The Sunshine State’, a 850 kilometer long peninsula.

Florida, ultimate holiday destination in the southeastern United States, has a magical attraction. This is not only the climate, but also to the numerous tourist attractions, that it provides. Theme parks, Kennedy Space Centre and of course the Florida Keys with the vast marsh area at the Everglades’.

Time difference:
It is in Florida 6 hours earlier than in the Netherlands; when we have summer time this is 7 o’clock.

In America is the official language Englisch. American Englisch is different from Englisch from England.
Florida is also a lot of Spanish spoken by the population.

The official currency is the US dollar. If you want to take money from the Netherlands it is wise to bring travel checks in dollars.
Also, it is certainly convenient to carry a credit card. This is a regular way of payment and sometimes it is required to pay by creditcard. B.V. At petrol stations you can not pay cash.

Florida has a subtropical / tropical climate, with a hot, some stuffy summer and a little less warm mild winter.

Hotel room

Hotel rooms near reception


Casita’s, more spacious than hotel rooms


Villa met 3 Bedrooms

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