Destination: Corsica, France
Travel time (from): 7 days

Club Corsicana is located on a lovely sandy beach with its possibilities of practicing the many water sports offered. The beach slopes gently into the sea, which is ideal for children.


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Between the towns of Moriani and Aleria lies the naturist village of Club Corsicana. It is 46 km from Bastia. The 140 terraced bungalows and 50 detached bungalows are hidden between MClub Corsicanaacchias and Eucalyptus trees, the typical vegetation of Corsica.

Club Corsicana is located on a lovely sandy beach with its possibilities of practicing the many water sports offered. The beach slopes gently into the sea, which is ideal for children.

The houses are all very simple and generally built in rows and have a private terrace with garden furniture. The houses with an M in front have a mezzanine. That is a loft with steep stairs and 2 beds. The MC1 Standard and MC2 Standard are privately owned and therefore slightly more expensive.

– Supermarket
– Restaurant
– Laundry
– Library
– TV room
– Cart with organic products

In high season:
– Beach grill and beach bar
– Pizzeria
– Film club, children’s club (German)

For a fee:
– Lockers
– Parasols and deck chairs
– Internet
– Sauna
– Massage
– Sailing school, diving school
– Surfboards, boats, kayaks, catamarans
– Hiking and mountain biking tours
– Field trips

– Beach volleyball
– Gymnastics and Yoga

By car:
Club Corsicana is approximately 1530 km from Utrecht. A car (or rental car) is a good way to travel around Corsica and useful if you want to visit slightly remote places. The roads in Corsica are of good quality, but there are no motorways. To go to Corsica with your own car, you have to cross by boat in France or Italy. In these countries you have to pay toll. Furthermore, you must be in possession of International Insurance Certificates or the green card if you are going with your own car. In France, including Corsica, it is mandatory to have an alcohol tester in the car. A Dutch driving license is sufficient, so an international driving license is not necessary.

By boat:
Internatuur mediates for Corsica Ferries. You can cross at Toulon, Nice and Marseille in France and Savona or Livorno in Italy. Prices change daily, so ask us for a quote.

With the plane:
Flight time approximately 2 hours. There are options with Transavia to fly from Rotterdam/The Hague airport to Bastia on Mondays and Fridays.

Due to the distances to the accommodations, we recommend that you take a rental car. We mediate for Flexible Cars and Sunny Cars.

Flight and car rental information can be obtained from us.

Corsica is located in the Mediterranean, just 80 kilometers from the Italian coast and only 12 kilometers from Sardinia, but it is definitely part of France. With a maximum width of 85 km and a length of 185 km, it is the third largest island in the Mediterranean. The “Île de Beauté”, as Corsica is called by the French, is an island of contrasts. Rough cliffs are found in the west. Miles of sandy beaches line the island in the east. The fields and vineyards begin behind it. These extend to the foot of the mountains, which inland turn into a high massif, which is largely formed by a protected nature reserve. Citadels, churches, castles and fortresses bear witness to an eventful history. Typical of Corsica is the beautiful plant world, which consists of more than 70 different species that occur in the Mediterranean and in the Alps. These include rare orchids and cacti and of course the Macchia, which smells wonderful in spring.

The Corsican wine is definitely worth a try. More than 2000 years ago, the ancient Greeks planted vineyards, because the soil and climate here are excellent.

The official language in Corsica, part of France is French. Each region speaks its own dialect. In the tourist area you can go as a tourist with English.

Corsica is part of France and is part of the European Union and you can also pay with the euro here. Almost all cards for debit cards are accepted. Credit cards are also accepted.

Corsica has a Mediterranean climate. The island offers you a long summer, where the sea is pleasant in temperature and not too cold for diving.

 Climate table Corsica              








 Average temperature








 Average number of hours of sunshine per day








 Average number of days of rainfall








 Average sea water temperature 15 16 20 23 24 22 20



  • 14=10: arrival before 24/05 2023 or after 08/09 2023.
  • 21=14: arrival before 24/05 2023 or after 03/09 2023.
  • 42=28: arrival before 27/05 2023 or after 18/08 2023 (does not apply to category MC5).
C1/MC1 Standard

Suitable for 1-2 persons.

C2/MC2 Standard

Suitable for 2-4 persons.

MC1 Standard+

Suitable for 1-2 persons.

MC2 Standard+

Suitable for 2-4 persons.

MC4 Standard

Suitable for 2-5 people.

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