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Destination: Croatia

The MS Planka is a completely naturist cruise with extra long lunch breaks in deserted coves to swim so nice long exposure.


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The MS Planka is a completely naturist cruise with extra long lunch breaks in deserted coves to swim so nice long exposure.

You can jump off the boat is of course easy to climb back. The overnights will wherever possible in small fishing villages and deserted bays.

MS Plank
MS Planka is built in a motor sail boat from 1957 from 27,3 meters long and is 2005 again reconstructed. There may be up 24 persons on board the 11 cabins. There are three decks where the cabins are located. On the lower deck are four cabins with a French bed (140 × 190 cm), and a 3rd bed above. On the main deck 2 are three double cabins with a bunk. On the upper deck 2 are four double cabins with a French bed (140 × 190 cm). All cabins have private shower / toilet and air conditioning that you can regulate yourself. There is limited space in a cabin, So we recommend that you bring a bag you can fold instead of a hard case.

The route is the same for all sailings. There are 3 Sailings, to know 22-29 June, 27 July and August 3 (= full) and 10-17 augustus 2019. It is from Saturday to Saturday dangers. From 11.00-13.00 hour boarding. Arriving by car, then you will transfer from the parking lot. Disembarkation is 09.00 o’clock.

Saturday Rijeka – Island Rab

If you go by car, you around 09.00 hours expected DeHaven. The boarding takes place between 11.00-13.00 o’clock. Along the way you first go to a lonely bay to explore the beautiful waters of the Adriatic Sea, here you go as anchor and you can swim. Dinner on board in the bay, then on to the town of Rab. The old center of Rab with its distinctive (characteristic) steeples extends on a narrow, rocky headland, which is surrounded on three sides (sides) by water. Three streets run through the old town – the “down the street” with cafes and pubs, the “Middenstraat” with boutiques, souvenir shops and ice cream parlors, and the “upper road” that leads to the four churches with their steeples.

Sunday Eiland Rab – Eiland Olib

After breakfast you have the time to go here in the town of Rab. round 10 hour sail to the island of Pag. In é’n the beautiful bays is dropped anchor and you can swim. The crew prepares lunch for and against 19.00 hours you sail into the harbor of the island Olib. The island has only about 150 inhabitants and is located on the border of Dalmatia and Kvarner. It forms with the islands Silba and Premuda and private Archipelago several smaller islands. In recent years, remembered his old traditions and won again in the traditional way here without salt salt pans and pillows and mattresses are made of seagrass. Dinner on board and overnight in Olib. With strong winds uitegweken to the island of Pag.

Monday Island Olib – Silba Island – Island Ilovik

round 8: 00 hours, leaving Olib for a short trip to the bay Sveti Ante on the island Silba. Here you continue to 17: 00 and there’s lunch on board. round 19: 00 hours to arrive at the island Ilovik, in whose small harbor to moor. The small island, only 5,5 square kilometers, is characterized by Mediterranean scrub, evergreen forests and olive groves. The place itself thrives in all imaginable colors of different flowers, oleanders and palms. Therefore Ilovik is rightly called the “flower island”. Dinner and overnight on board.

Tuesday Eiland Ilovik – Eiland Losinj

After breakfast proceed to the island Lošinj, not only known for its 300 cloudless (or only slightly cloudy) sunny days per year, but also is covered with dense pine forests. With a little luck you today might see dolphins playing in the waves, because in the waters around Lošinj island life over 160 dolphins registered by the “Adria Dolphin Project”. You go to a deserted bay Lošinj island with crystal clear water. Enough time for swimming and sunbathing to about 16:00 o clock, lunch on board between. Further, to Mali Lošinj, you around 18: 00 arrives. Dinner and overnight on board.

Wednesday Eiland Losinj – Martinšćica (eiland Cres)

Departure from Mali Lošinj after breakfast and sail to the neighboring island of Cres, which is connected to the island Losinj by a swing bridge at Osor. With a surface area of 405,78 square kilometers of the island of Cres has the exact same size as the island of Krk. Cres and Krk thus share first place of the biggest Adriatic islands. Striking on the island are almost endless olive groves and countless flocks of sheep. Not for nothing lamb is considered one of the specialties of the island of Cres. There you are waiting for a fantastic bay, where you will spend most of the day and have lunch. Your destination today is the quiet town of Martinšćica on the island of Cres, where you have the opportunity after dinner on board to swim after dinner. Overnight in Martinšćica.

Thursday Martinšćica – Valun (Eiland Cres)

Departure after breakfast, to – how could it be otherwise – the sunny day to spend in one of the numerous bays. Your daily destination is the fishing village of Valun on the island Cres, where the mid-eighties, the popular Austrian-German TV series “Der Sonne entgegen” was recorded. Captain Dinner this evening and overnight in Valun.

Friday Valun – Rijeka

Your last day again the dreamlike island world of Croatia. Leave Valun and the captain to drop anchor in a bay for the last time after about half an hour. After lunch and the usual bath in sun and sea returns to Rijeka, you around 17: 00 arrive. Dinner on board and overnight in Rijeka.

Saturday disembarkation

After breakfast around 09.00 hours disembark.

Facilities & Relaxation:
All nights on full board basis. There are 2 towels per person included, a welcome snack, Captain’s dinner, German-speaking guidance in the harbor at- Out. The cabins have private shower / toilet and air conditioning. There is a sun deck of 100m2 16 sunbeds, table with benches on deck for 14 people and a living room with air conditioning for 24 people.

By car:
You can drive to Rijeka by private car. From Utrecht is it approximately 1300 kilometer drive to Rijeka.

It is about 1 hour and 40 minute fly to Rijeka. There is only flown on Thursdays and Sundays. Flight- and transfer prices are available on request.

Extra information:
If you come by car: On the Austrian and Slovenian highways is it required to have a Autobahnvignet. This Austrian vignette is available in Austria at all highway crossings and in the Netherlands from the ANWB. The Slovenian vignette is available at the border.

Request a quote for the entire package.

Croatia lies on the Adriatic Sea and is bordered in the north by Slovenia and Hungary, on the east by Serbia and Montenegro and in the south to Bosnia-Herzegovina. Across the sea is Italy. The surface of ​​Croatia is 56.542 km². This is approximately as big as Belgium and the Netherlands together.

Croatia has about 4.4 million people. The Croats are a very hospitable people. The modesty coupled with their great hospitality make a tourist feel at home in this beautiful country. But besides welcoming, friendly and helpful, Croats are mainly a very proud people.

Sights: You go around the many islands off the coast. As far as possible slept in fishing villages or deserted bays.

Besides the language Croatian can the people in the touristic areas speak Englisch, German or Italian. Along the coast is spoken with a dialect similar to the Venetian. The Croatian language is of Slavic language family.

The official currency is the Croatian kuna (kuna = 100 lipa’s). Most shops also accept euros.
Foreign currency can be exchanged in banks, exchange bureaus, post offices and the most tourist agencies, hotels and campings.
In larger places you can pay mostly with Travellercheques and credit cards. Also ‘pin’ is possible in the larger towns. Always keep enough cash. In some areas are banks and post offices scarce.

Croatia is a sunny country. The sun is shining about 2500 hours per year and the average temperature in the summer is 23 °C degrees. In Croatia there are two climate zones; in the inland predominate a continental climate, partly also a mountain climate. In the interior are the winters harsh and rainy and the summers are hot and dry. In the mountains falls a lot of rain and snow. The area along the Adriatic coast has a pleasant Mediterranean climate with many hours of sunshine, hot, dry summers and mild and wet winters.


2-person cabin MS Planka

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