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Destination: Spain
Duration (from): 7 days

In the south of Spain, 28 km to the east of Malaga is the camping Almanat located. This naturist park with about 172 campsites and 12 bungalows located close to the sea.


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In the south of Spain, 28 km to the east of Malaga is the camping Almanat located.

Mobil Homes
The differtent mobilhomes are for 2-5 people. All are equipped with a living room with sitting area, fully equipped kitchen for the number of people that can use. There are 2 electric hotplates, refrigerator (with freezer), microwaver, toaster, coffee machine, Spanish percolator and Sat. TV. The mobilhomes have airconditioning and 2 bedrooms with Frence beds, 2-doublebed 140 × 190 and 2 single beds of 80 × 190 cm. The bathrooms have a shower, sink and toilet. They all have a indoor terrace, but type A has a detached terrace. Type B comfort has a terrace on the roof with luxury garden furniture. Sunbeds, sheets and towels are included.

– Restaurant at the beach
– Shower at the beach
– Little shop
– Lockers at the reception
– Little cinema
– Internet
– Barbecue place

– Fitness centre
– Mini golf
– Billiard
– Jacuzzi

– Swimmingpool (indoor and outdoor)
– Lawn bowling
– Table Tennis
– Tennis
– Basketball
– Volleyball
– Playground
– Movie theater

By car:
Almanat is 2265 km from Utrecht.

To drive to Almanat you have to go through France. The roads in France are of good quality. On the highways is described where the nearest gas station / restaurant, picnic areas are. Please note that you need to pay toll on French highways. The toll can be paid by cash or credit card.

Furthermore, you must be owned by International Insurance certificates known as the green card if you go by car. In France, it is obligatory to have an alcohol tester in the car.

A valid driver’s license, is necessary.

With the plane:
It is about 3 hours to fly to Malaga. We can book your flights. We mediate for Transavia, KLM, Iberia, Air Berling or Vuelling.

Our advice is to rent a car, If you want to see something of the area. We mediate for Sunny Cars.

Information about the flight days and the rental car can be asked by us.

Arrival- and departure: You can arrive every day. Arrival time between 16.00 hour and 20.00 o’clock, departure before 12.00 o’clock. When the house is free earlier, you can arrive earlier. Sometimes it is possible to stay longer in the house, but you have to pay a surcharge at the reception.

Other information: You can rent a bicycle at Almanat. Camping rates are on request

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At the coast are eaten lots of fresh sea creatures such as squid, shellfish among other things like. gamba’s and fish. People also eat a lot of Gazpacho (cold soup). This is the specialty of Spain but in this region they thicken the soup and is called “Porra Antequerana”.

Spanish is the official language. The local people can speak Englisch thanks to the many tourists.

Spain is a member of the European Union. The official currency is the euro. With almost every card is it possible to withdraw money and most credit cards are also accepted.

The favorable weather is mainly due to the mountains of the Sierra Nevada, who are protecting the coast during the winter from the cold from the north. And the climate on the Spanish Costa’s turns out not only very nice, but also to be good for the human. The World Health Organization calls it one of the healthiest climates in the world.

Mobilhome type A

MH with extended terrace. Surface about 31 m².

Mobilhome type B

MH with 2 Bedrooms. Surface about 28 m².

Mobilhome type B Comfort

Terrace on the roof. Surface about 28 m².

Mobilhome Family type C

MH with 5 single beds. Surface about 31 m².

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