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Luxury naturistenbestemming Domaine La Quiquier. Delicious naked running around in the wild on the estate located on the river Cèze.


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Domaine La Quiquier is a unique luxury private estate in the heart of the Gard north of Uzes in the river Cèze.

The mansion was built between the 15th and 18th centuries and consists of several buildings around a large courtyard that is completely enclosed therewith. The estate consists of more than 400 hectares of parkland and woods where you can move exposes lovely quiet in the great outdoors. The nature is still unspoiled and pure.

The mansion consists of 5 Suites. Each suite has a dressing area, a mini-bar, big TV screen, air conditioning and hairdryer. They have all been renovated and decorated by an international designer.

Prices are based on the packages below:
Basic option: access to the pool and estate. Not included: breakfast, all non-alcoholic beverages, use of the Spa (Jacuzzi, Sauna and Fitness) and other activities.
B&B option: access to the pool and the estate, including breakfast, all non-alcoholic beverages, spa and all acitivities are all inclusive.
All-in option: access to the pool and the estate, including breakfast, including dinner, all drinks including wine and beer are included.

Suite 1 “The Quiquier”
This suite is in the main building next to the dining room and the Penthouse Suite. On the ground floor is an entrance hall with toilet, a large living room with fireplace. On the 1st floor you will enjoy a nicely decorated room with views of the mountains of the Ardèche, here is also the bathroom with shower and a 2nd toilet.

Suite 2 “The Concluses”
This suite is also located in the main building is a very large suite. The master bedroom has an adjoining bathroom with Italian shower and separate toilet. It also has a patio with access to the living room which adjoins a bathroom with 2nd toilet.

Suite 3 “The Garden Suite”
The garden suite is to the right of the mansion, in the 2nd building with a private terrace and views of the park. This suite guarantees a lot of privacy. It has access to the courtyard through a courtyard. The living room, bedroom and bathroom with separate toilet are “en suite” at different height levels.

Suite 4 “Le Merderis”
Le Meredis Suite is not only a very large suite, it is also divided on 2 floors with a private terrace from where you have beautiful views. It is located in the 2nd building with access to the courtyard. On the ground floor is the entrance with a separate toilet, a large living room and a bathroom. On the 1st floor has a master bedroom with terrace, a 2nd bathroom and 2nd separate toilet. There are 2 changing rooms in the suite.

Suite 5 “The Megalith”
This suite is located in the 3rd building located in the courtyard in front of the dining room. It consists of one large room, in which is a living area and sleeping area, a bathroom with large shower and separate toilet. Special attention was given to the design of this suite to let good come the big stone walls. Le Menhir Suite located near the pool and spa, but you do have a terrace for your privacy.

This is defined as a luxury product. It will even be possible to arrange a helicopter transfer from the airport for you if you want.
You can also rent the entire property, The suites can be used as 3 suites 4 rooms all with private bathrooms. Ask us about the possibilities and price.
It is possible to provide a caterer. This can be arranged locally and pay. Rosy makes delicious meals for you.
None Given the nature of the quiet location 18+.
If you want to explore the estate and the gorge Merderis, We recommend sturdy walking shoes.

Facilities & Relaxation:
– Swimmingpool.
– Jacuzzi bath and rapids to swim against in.
– Lawn bowling.
– treadmill and rowing machine.
– Bar Self Service, All soft drinks are free, beer, wine, pastis and cocktails fee. You write yourself on what you are using and calculates cash out at the end of your stay.
– Wine tasting.
– Many hiking trails of varying difficulty.
– Various relaxation areas where you can enjoy expose the nature and the sun, where no one bothers you.

La Quiquier you’ll enjoy going back to nature.

By car:
The area is circa Quiquier 1120 km from Utrecht.
A (rental) car is a good way to travel through France and handy for when you want to visit some locations. The roads in France are of good quality. On the highways is described where the nearest gas station / restaurant, picnic areas are. Please note that you need to pay toll on French highways. The toll can be paid by cash or credit card.

Furthermore, you must be owned by International Insurance certificates known as the green card if you go by car. In France, it is obligatory to have an alcohol tester in the car.

A valid driver’s license, is necessary.

With the plane:
There are options to fly from Amsterdam or Dusseldorf to Montpellier or Nîmes. Because of the distance to the accommodation, we advise you to rent a car.

Information about the flight days and the rental car can be asked by us.

The Gard region offers many cities, villages and areas of interest that are worth visiting. The estate also offers plenty of opportunities to unwind.

The official language is French in France. In each region have people their own dialect. In the tourist area, can local people speak Englisch.

Just like in the Netherlands you can pay in France with the Euro. With most banks you can go with credit cards. With a Dutch bank- giro or debit card that mentions a maestro or cirrus sign, you can pin at the ATMs. The cards from American Express, Diners Club, via, MasterCard and Eurocard will be accepted by almost all restaurants, shops and petrol stations.

In the Gard has a continental climate with Mediterranean influences. The sun shines a lot and the winters are not very cold. The Mistral also has influence and can arise big temperature differences. Ardèche, The region above the Gard is particularly known by his Gorges, deep carved valleys where a river runs through it. On either side of the river the landscape rises again quickly and you can find the beautiful nature and woods. This is also reflected in the Gard.

dining area

Breakfast at Domaine La Quiquier

Suite 5 Menhir

The suite in the 3rd building.

Suite 3, Garden Suite

The Garden Suite.

bedroom Suite 2

Bedroom Suite 2 the Concluses.

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