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Destination: Canada

Bare Oaks is near Toronto, Canada. Bare Oaks is a family naturist.


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Bare Oaks is near Toronto, Canada. Bare Oaks is a family naturist.

Grand Cabin
The Grand Cabin is what Americans would call a park model and we call Europeans a Mobile Home or Cottage. The Grand Cabin is a mobile home with 1 Queensizebed bedroom and plenty of storage, living room with open kitchen with 4-burner stove with oven, microwaver, coffee machine, large fridge, sofa bed in the living room, coffee table, TV, dining table, bathroom with tub / shower and toilet. Outside is a covered terrace 4 chairs and 2 sunbeds. The sofa bed is not recommended to sleep on adult, but possibly for children.
There is no air conditioning, but there are ceiling fans.

Cozy Camp Cabin

This cozy cabin has a living area with kitchenette with microwave and fridge (no stove) and outside a gas BBQ, covered patio and picnic table with benches for the gras.Er a bedroom 2 bunk beds and a water tap. The showers and toilets are near the campsite. You can also use the large communal kitchen in the main house.

There are 4 Queen Rooms in the main building, 2 at the front and two downstairs in the building at the playroom, library and gym. Basic rooms with no terrace or balcony. There is a 2-bed of 150 × 190 cm, and in a refrigerator and TV. Across the upper Queen Rooms is a shared shower and toilet. The downstairs rooms use the shower and toilet in the sauna. Downstairs is a large kitchen that guests may use the toaster with, microwaver, coffee machine, water cooker, large fridge and freezer.

King Room
This is a large room with King-size bed and lots of space. There is a SAT TV, sofabank, refrigerator and coffee maker. Above the bed hangs a ceiling fan. Bathroom with shower and toilet, plenty of storage. Again, you can use the large kitchen downstairs.

– Restaurant, open 7 days a week from June-September, then only open on weekends
– Kitchen for guests of the Queen and King Rooms or Cabins
– Playground
– Internetcomputer
– Small shop

– swimming pool with sun loungers and parasols, heated by the sun
– 2 sauna’s
– indoor jacuzzi
– Natural Pool with sunbeds, chairs and bathing deck
– 2 beach volleyball courts
– Table Shuffleboard
– Lawn bowling
– Minigolf
– Fitness Centre
– Inner Space with billiards, table tennis, darts, library, TV
– WIFI fee

From 9-11 August, she organized a volleyball tournament and you expose wake-boarding.

The flight from Amsterdam to Toronto takes about 7 hour and 55 minutes (directly using KLM). Several airlines fly daily from Amsterdam.

Car rental:
In Canada, a rental car is inevitable. The distances are very big. We mediate for Sunny Cars that offers good cars and also the best insurances. Carrental is possible from approximately
€ 199 per week. You need a creditcard to rent a car. Ask Internatuur for the possibilities.

If you want to combine with the natural parks in the Wetsen Canada, we recommend renting a motor home to. Here too we can help and we are working with a reputable Dutch tour operator.

Request a quote for the entire package.

Canada is a huge country. With a surface area of ​​more than 9,97 million square kilometers, it is the second largest country in the world. Only 30% This country is inhabited. It’s an incredibly big country with ancient woodland, rugged mountains and huge cities with a great diversity of cultures. In the 18th century Europeans thought Canada, First, in the French and the British were after battles 1759 in hands. Hence it is spoken in the province of Quebec both French and English.

Canada is not so in 1 see holidays. You will have to choose what you want to see. In the East, the city Montreal, Quebec-City, Ottawa and Toronto definitely worth visiting. In the West, it is fantastic to drive around in a motor home from Vancouver and Vancouver Island National Parks, to do Banff and Jasper. In terms naturism is sadly not available in Canada, there are only a handful of locations and nude beaches. We can help you be in here with finding these locations. We own the experience to drive around with a camper in the Rockies, and then it’s nice to rest a week after a trip in the quiet Bare Oaks.

The capital is Ottawa, but the three largest cities are Toronto, Montreal to Vancouver.

Spacious 80% of more than 30 million Canadians living in southern Canada, less 200 km from the US border down, because almost half of the country lies north of the tree line. Here it is miserably cold in winter, namely average -30 degrees Celsius!

Time difference:
Canada is so big and wide, that as many 6 has different time zones. Bare Oaks is located in the Eastern time zone and it is here 6 hour earlier than in the Netherlands. In this all the time zones in a row:
Newfoundland Time Zone 4,5 hours earlier
Atlantic Time Zone 5 hours earlier
Eastern Time Zone 6 hours earlier
Central Time Zone 7 hours earlier
Mountain Time Zone 8 hours earlier
Pacific Time Zone 9 hours earlier

Vancouver and Vancouver Island under the Pacific Time Zone.

The official languages ​​of Canada are French and English. In the province of Quebec are the most francophones. In the capital, Ottawa is noticeable that bilingualism especially. Each speech and federal law must be in both languages. In addition, information on packaging should be printed in both English and French. About 24% of the population is French-Canadian.

The official currency is the Canadian dollar. You can pin anywhere if you put your debit card in the world. Also, it is certainly convenient to carry a credit card. This is a regular way of payment and sometimes it is required to pay by creditcard. At some gas stations it is not possible to pay cash.

Canada obviously has a lot of different types of climate. Bare Oaks is close to Toronto and there is a temperate continental climate. The southern location (much further south than the Netherlands) and proximity to large bodies of water, the climate is remarkably soft.

Grand Cabin


Cozy Cabin

1-4 people


1-2 people


1-2 people

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