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Destination: Italy
Duration (from): 7 days

Calabria is located in the south of Italy. It is also called the pearl of the Mediterranean. Those who come to Calabria, are not only here for the beach, but also for his versatility; Old Culture, art treasures, lemon- and olive trees, festivities and more. A wide range of attractions are offered here.


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Calabria is located in the south of Italy. It is also called the Pearl of the Mediterranean sea.

Those who come to Calabria, are not only here for the beach, but are also here for the versatility; old culture, art treasures, lemon- and olive trees, festivities and more.

Pizzo Greco is a naturist campsite 9 ha. The camping is located higher than the sea. The road to the sea is bumpy and only available for pedestrians. The sea at Pizzo Greco is calm and walk gently into the sea making it ideal for children.

All homes are equipped with an outside seating with garden furniture.

Detached Bungalow Mono / 36 m² / 1-3 persons
Living room with kitchenette (4-burner gas, oven and refrigerator) and satellite. TV.
Double bedroom, single bed and shower room with toilet and bidet, covered terrace. Sheets and towels.

Detached Bungalow Bilo / 45 m² / 2-4 persons
As described above but only a double bedroom and a further bedroom with 2 x single bed. Sheets and towels.

Mobil Homes
All mobile homes have air conditioning. The 3 types of mobile homes have a living area with sofa, table and chairs. Kitchenette with 4 stoves and refrigerators. Veranda with garden furniture. Towels and sheets are included.

Pythagoras / 24 m2/ 1-4 persons
Sat. TV in living room, separate bedroom with double bed, single bedroom (2 nd bed available). Shower room with toilet and bidet. Parasol and bbq at the porch.

Euclid / 19 m2 / 1-2 persons
Separate double bedroom, bathroom with shower, toilet and bidet.. sun screen, deck chairs on porch, bbq on request.


• Restaurant (dressed)
• Shop
• Grocery service
• Bar
• Internet, phone
• Washers camping

• Animation in high season
• Disco- and dance nights in the high season
• Lawn bowling, table tennis and volleyball
• Playground, bike rentals

By car:
Pizzo Greco is circa 2210 km from Utrecht.

A car (or rental car) is a very good way to travel through Italy and handy to go to outlying places. The roads in Italy are from a good quality. On the highways is described where the nearest gas station / restaurant, picnic areas are. Keep In mind that you have to pay toll at the Italian highways. The toll can be paid by cash or credit card.

Furthermore, you must be owned by International Insurance certificates known as the green card if you go by car.

A valid driver’s license, is necessary.

With the plane:
It is about 4 hour and 15 minutes to Lamezia Terme with 1 intermediate landing.
From Düsseldorf you can directly fly, about 2,5 o’clock. We mediate for among other things Alitalia and Air Berlin. We advise you to rent a car so you can see more of the environment.

Information about the flight days and the rental car can be asked by us.

Italy is a perfect country for vacation in Southern Europe beset by the Mediterranean sea, the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic Sea.

The region is pretty flat and there are a lot of old castles and towers to keep a watch of the coast for attacks in old times. It is about 8 kilometers to the South of Crotone, The camping Pizzo Greco is located on the beach. Characteristic is the blue sea, blue air and the fine sandy beach beset by eucalyptus trees, spices and flowers.

Italian cuisine:
The Italian cuisine is known over the whole world. Also in the Netherlands a several Italian dishes generally accepted, pizza, macaroni, spaghetti, lasagne and tiramisù. The Italian cuisine relative simple. There are always a limited ingredients and the method of preparation is not very complicated.

The most people speak Italian, with several dialects. Italian comes from the Latin.

Italy is a part of the European Union and you can pay here with the Euro.
Nearly all cards will be accepted for paying. Credit cards are also accepted.

The climate is very differ per region, but as a whole is the climate in Italy a typical Mediterranean sea climate. Trough the whole year is the temperature is in the lowlands always far above the 0 degree Celsius. In the summer is the average temperature from 28 C in the South and 22 C in the North.

Detached Bungalow Mono

Suitable for 1-3 persons. Surface about 36 m².

Detached Bungalow Bilo

Suitable for 2-4 persons. Surface about 45 m².

Pythagoras Mobilhome
Suitable for 1-4 persons. Surface about 24 m²
Mobilhome Euclide

Suitable for 1-2 persons. Surface about 19 m²

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