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Destination: France, Mediterranean coast
Duration (from): 7 days

Club Oasis is a naturist village with a special atmosphere. Built in the traditional style of the Mediterranean Sea and located on a spit of land between the beach and more.


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Club Oasis is a naturist village with a special atmosphere. Built in the traditional style of the Mediterranean Sea and located on a spit of land between the beach and more.

On the peninsula ‘Les Villages Naturistes’ the naturist village Club Oasis is. This quiet naturist complex with its 366 salmon-colored house was built in the traditional style of the Mediterranean. Club Oasis is next to Aphrodite Village, where you can use the facilities (if you have an INF / NFN map).

The apartments have a cozy interior, a functional kitchen, large terraces and balconies. The properties have an oven or microwave and a TV connection is present. You can hire a TV at the reception. The interiors are different, because a lot of houses have different owners. All homes have a bathroom with shower and toilet.

Type 1 is located on the first or second floor, type 2 at the second floor, the other types are on the ground floor, 1st of 2nd floor located.

Residence Oasis is a spacious duplex-house, some are located at the marina. The homes are soundproofed, double windows, electric heating, living room, full equipped kitchen with refrigerator, 4-4 pits electric stove, oven, coffee machine, upstairs 2 bedrooms with lits-jumeaux beds. Patio or terrace and spacious garden.

Watch out:
A INF / NFN card is required. Did not it? You pay on the spot € 40,- Carte Vacances for the two people. This is valid until the end of the year.

Dogs are accepted, lead and has a vaccination certificate against rabies and an international animal passport.

• Open from mid June to September
• Clubhouse with satellite. TV
• Restaurant
• Pianobar
• Facilities Aphrodite Village. Here is a INF/NFN-kaart committed

• 2 swimming pools
• Sauna
• Tennis
• Biljarttafels
• Volleyball

Club Oasis is located on circa 1320 km from Utrecht.

A car is a great way to travel through France and handy for when you want to visit some remote places. The roads in France are of good quality. On the highways is described where the nearest gas station / restaurant, picnic areas are. Please note that you need to pay toll on French highways. The toll can be paid by cash or credit card.

Furthermore, you must be owned by International Insurance certificates known as the green card if you go by car. In France, it is obligatory to have an alcohol tester in the car.

A valid driver’s license, is necessary.

It is about 2 hours to flight to Toulouse and there you should take a rental car. You can also move to Perpignan fly and then we can possibly arrange a transfer for you.

You can use NS travel to Port Leucate. From Port Leucate we can arrange a transfer for you.

Club Oasis ligt in language-doc Roussillon, on the peninsula Les Villages Naturistes.

Languedoc-Roussillon is located in the south of France and is bordered by the Rhone Valley, the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean. The capital is Montpellier. Outside the capital, Montpellier to be you will also find the large cities; Béziers, Nîmes, Perpignan Avignon.

Also you can visit many attractions in the Languedoc-Roussillon: The stalactite cave “Grotte de Dargilan”, beautiful bamboo park ‘La Bambouseraie de Prafrance “, Roman aqueduct “Pont du Gard” and much more!

The official language is French in France. In each region have people their own dialect. In the tourist areas can the people speak English.

Just like in the Netherlands you can pay in France with the Euro. By most banks you can go with credit cards and travelers checks. With a Dutch bank- giro or debit card that mentions a maestro or cirrus sign, you can pin at the ATMs. The cards from American Express, Diners Club, via, MasterCard and Eurocard will be accepted by almost all restaurants, shops and petrol stations.

The Mediterranean climate is characterized by hot summers and mild winters. This is because the warm sea water tempers the worst cold after summer. Even in summer, this is a sunny region with more than 2000 sunny hours per year. On the Mediterranean coast the weather is nice in the summer months. The temperature rises steadily from May to well above the 20 degrees Celsius. on this part of the French coast, but it can also be very windy and sometimes falls a bit of rain.

Type 1

Suitable for 1-4 individuals with 1 bedroom. Surface about 27 m²

Type 2

Suitable for 1-4 individuals with 1 bedroom. Seaview, oppervlakte about 27 m²

Type 3

Suitable for 2-6 individuals with 2 bedrooms (1 x with bunkbed). Surface about 42 m²

Type 4

Suitable for 2-6 individuals with 2 bedrooms (1 x with bunkbed). Seaview, oppervlakte about 42 m²

Type 5

Suitable for 2-8 individuals with 2 bedrooms (1 x with bunkbed) and mezzanine. Surface about 50 m²

Residence Oasis

Suitable for 2-4 individuals with 2 Bedrooms. Surface about 60 m²

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